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The Tomb of the Virgin Mary

Found at the Mount Olives in Jerusalem, the tomb of Mary is believed to be at the foot of the mountain whereas the Church of Assumption is built over it. The body of Mary the virgin is believed to lie in this church. In the same region we have other famous places of pilgrimage: Via Dolorosa and the fourteen Stations or still in the Mount of Olives and all these Holy Places were filmed for you in VR 360 by the team of 360HolyPlaces™.

There are conflicting ideas of how Mary lived up to her time of ascending to heaven that is explained in two theories in the church. With the chaos in the Roman Catholic Church, some Christians believe that the miraculous and the holy body of the Mother of God was kept in the Dormition Church in Jerusalem.
Another doctrine was brought in that says that the Catholic Mary was born without sins, lives a sinless life and also died and ascended to heaven in both body and soul.

The Church

Before entering to the Church, you will find a walled courtyard, then, the cruciform church shielding the tomb has been excavated in an underground rock-cut cave entered by a wide descending stair dating from the 12th century. On the left side of the staircase (towards the west) there is the chapel of Saint Joseph, Mary’s husband, while on the right (towards the east) there is the chapel of Mary’s parents, Joachim and Anne, holding also the tomb of Queen Melisende of Jerusalem.

On the eastern side of the church there is the chapel of Mary’s tomb. Altars of the Greeks and Armenians also own the east apse. A niche south of the tomb is a mihrab indicating the direction of Mecca, installed when Muslims had joint rights to the church. Currently the Muslims have no more ownership rights to this site. On the western side there is a Coptic altar.
The Armenian Patriarchate Armenian Apostolic Church of Jerusalem and Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem are in possession of the burial place of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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Tomb of the virgin (Church of the Assumption)

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