Tiberias, is a town located on the shores of Lake Kinnereth and comes from the name of Emperor Tiberius. The son of Herod the Great, Herod Antipas built this city in the year 21. This ancient city, Tiberias, is by its age very rich in archaeological treasures. Moreover, it is necessary to know that an archaeological park has been opened, allowing to realize this wealth. It is also worth noting that besides the many vestiges, this city also hosts festivities and shows of all kinds.

Pilgrimage of the Holy Places of Judaism

Tiberias is one of the cities rich in tombs of the sages of Jewish history. Whether they are Rambam, Rabbi Akiva, Rabban Yohanan ben Zakai, Rabbi Meir Ba’al Haness, Ramshal or Rabbi Moshe Haim Luzatto, all these great sages of Judaism were all buried in Tiberias.

Pilgrimage of Christian Sites

Jesus with his disciples would have performed many miracles on the site of Tiberias, according to Christian tradition. Many churches and monasteries have been erected in Tiberias and its surroundings over the centuries. The Christians of the early Byzantine period built monasteries, churches and holy places. We find the Capernaum, the city where Jesus preached and where his disciples, Peter and Andrew lived. South of Tiberias, we also find “Yardenit” which is according to tradition, the place of the baptism of Jesus and the tens of thousands of pilgrims who come to bathe there.


Tiberias also represents a seaside resort. Indeed, the lake of the Kinneret which borders the city of Tiberias contains many beaches of sand and pebbles. This lake represents 160 km², it is a freshwater lake located more than 200 m below sea level. Numerous beaches surround the lake. Very short cruises are also organized. We also find many hot springs.

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