Shefela / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Mameluke, Turks.

In Israel, in the town of Ramla, to the south of Ben Gurion airport, and not far from the Terra Santa Church we have the Pool of the Arches. You should know that the city of Ramla is the only city in Israel that was built by Arabs around the 8th century. This is a fairly unique historical site. At the pool of the Arches, you have at your disposal small rowing boats to allow you to reach this magical place and rich in history.

The domain was constructed in 789 by Caliph Haron el Rashid as part of a large area aqueduct. Also known as Pool of the Goats, the Pool of the Arches is nine meters high and almost square, over 21 meters long on one side and more than 19 on the other. Five rows of three stone columns each hold up an arched ceiling. Residents drew water out of square holes cut through the top.

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The Pool of the Arches

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