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In the center of Israel, In the region of Shefela, south to the Pool of the Arches, in the city of Ramla, we have the Terra Santa Church.

According to tradition many Christians believe that Ramla is the city where Joseph said Joseph of Arimathea lived, who with Nicodemus took Jesus from the cross. This place was filmed by the team of 360HolyPlaces™ for you in Virtual Reality 360°. A significant number of monks from the Vatican at the end of the 13th century came to the Holy Land to safeguard the goods and sites holy to Christianity.To this end, they have created the “Custodia di Terra Santa”, also the “guardianship of the Holy Land”. In 1396 the organization “Terra Santa” Franciscan bought land and erected a monastery on the site. In addition, he served pilgrims on their way from Jaffa to Jerusalem. Towards the second half of the 19th century until 1902, a construction of the church in the center of the monastery began, thanks to the help of Spanish donations. The compound also includes the “Terra Santa School” which belongs to a national network.

In the interior of the church can be seen the sculptures of Nicodemus and Joseph, as well as a painting by Titian entitled “Jesus is taken from the cross”. In the courtyard of the monastery, as well as on the wooden doors of the church and inside, we can distinguish the emblems of the Franciscan order in the Holy Land.

This holy place was filmed in virtual reality 360 ° which you can visualize by clicking the video below.

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Terra Santa Church

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