The Church was built at the place where Saint John the Baptist was born. This Church is situated in the city of Ein-Kerem and we can found very close the Church of the Visitation. The team of 360HolyPlaces™  filmed for you this place in VR 360.

The son of aged Zechariah and Elizabeth is honoured in this sanctuary and especially into the grotto of the church where Christians believed to be the site of his house. The Church is located in Ein Karem a suburb of Jerusalem. You reach the crypt by walking through an elaborately adorned green and gold gate and descending a few marble steps. Beneath and around the altar are white marble bas reliefs illustrating biblical events such as John’s birth, his naming, and his baptism of Jesus in the Jordan. XII century Crusader’s Church First Byzantine sanctuary commemorating John the Baptist’s birth, the church was rebuilt by Crusaders and in 1621 with the aid of the Spanish royal family the Franciscan Order purchased the site and worked on its reconstruction. If the present building, designed by architect Antonio Barluzzi, was made in 1939, many of the paintings remains originals, drawn by Spanish artists and donated by Spanish kings.

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Church of St. John the Baptist

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