Acre / Periods: Crusader, Mameluke, Turks.

Built in the 17th C, this Greek Orthodox Church, situated in the north of Israel, on the southern-western side of the old city of Acre. Not far from this church, we have also other places of pilgrimage filmed by the team of 360HolyPlaces™ in 360°, as the Church of St. Andreas, the Ladies Church of Nazareth and Khan al-Umdan.

His name comes from the Church of St. George in the city of Lod. The church was built in the remains of a Crusader church.


Roman period

St George was born and lived in the 3rd century AD in Lod where a church is rightfully named in his honor as stated above. George, a former Christian, served as a Roman tribune and died in 303. His coffin is located in St. George’s Church, where according to a sixth century tradition, his remains are located. He is considered a martyr, a great healthy and warrior, and is illustrated in the stone relief of Acre and Lod as also “dragon slayer.”


This church was built above a level of the Crusaders, where a church of the time of the Crusaders may have been located. This church, located in the Genoese section, was probably destroyed at the end of the 13th century by the Mammoths.


In the 17th C this church was rebuilt.

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St. George Church (Acre)

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