Carmel / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic.

In the north of Israel, in the Israeli coastal and port city of Haifa, and more precisely at number 23 of Ayin David Street, is the Greek-Melkite cathedral of St. Elias, also called St. Elijah’s Cathedral, Byzantine style, is the cathedral of the Greek Melkite archdiocese of Acre which was created by the bull Episcopalis synodus of Pope Paul VI. We can also see in this area others places of pilgrimage: Baha’i Shrine & GardensTel ShiqmonahStella Maris Carmelite Monastery, and the Church of the Holy Heart.

In 1939-1938 its construction is made by the architect Sammihom Atallah. Since 1861 the cathedral of the archdiocese of Akka was the church of the Virgin Mary in Haifa. After the Israeli-Arab war of 1948 for Israeli independence, most of the Melkite Catholics who lived in the area moved to Haifa, Akka, and the bishop’s chair was moved to St. Elias. The roof of the temple is surmounted by a cross, itself surrounded on both sides by small bell towers.

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St. Elias Cathedral of the Melkite Catholic

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