Samaria is a mountainous region of Israel that forms the ancient kingdom of Israel around its capital, Samaria, near Shehem of Nablus. This region is located in front of the Judea region. Samaria extends geographically from the Jezreel valley to the north, from the Sharon region to the west and from the Jordan valley to the east.

According to the Bible, in the kingdom of Solomon in the ninth century, the Kingdom of David is divided into two entities: the kingdom of Judah with the capital of the city of Jerusalem and the kingdom of Israel with the capital Samaria. His people were originally Jewish. Historically, the city of Samaria which was originally the capital of this region was founded in 880 BC by Omri. While many events took place, conflicts with the Arabs, the reign of Joram, Jehu, Jeroboam, Samaria were conquered by the Assyrians, and the city was conquered by Alexander the Great, for many years during the Roman reign. Finally, this city was destroyed during the Jewish revolt.

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