It is an impressive church because of its architecture and its height. This church is an excellent starting point for visiting the city going to the market and downtown. It will give you an impressive view of Nazareth, overlooking the other holy places of pilgrimage nearby such as the Maronite Church of the Annunciation or Basilica of the Annunciation, or Church of the Annunciation. This place of pilgrimage has been filmed in 360 for you by 360HolyPlaces™.

It was built in 1923 in neo-romantic style, with a large courtyard of columns by a model designed for a church in France. On the roof of the church there is an impressive statue of Jesus the Teenager. Inside, it is a very spacious basilica, with perfect acoustics for the liturgical songs and concerts, and the magnificent windows create a colorful light show. A special atmosphere resides within this popular church as a place of pilgrimage to Nazareth.


It should be known that at the end of the ninth century in Nazareth, the Salesian priests took care of orphaned children. At the beginning of the 20th century, the impressive building of the orphanage was established, next to the Salesian church at the top of Nabi Sa’in Ridge, a mosque whose impressive golden dome may be observing behind the Church. This church was designed by the French architect Lucia Gauthier, and the stained glass windows in the colors of the French flag, were made in Versailles in France, recalling the origin of the French manufacturer. The orphanage is now used as a vocational high school named after Don Bosco, the founder of the Salesian Order. In addition, a beautiful convent for the Salesian Sisters was built next to the church.

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Salesian Church of Jesus the Adolescent

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