Sharon / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Crusader, Mameluke, Turks.

Qula was a Palestinian village in Ramle. Situated in the south of Mazor Mausoleum to the east of Tel Aviv. This place of pilgrimage was filmed for you by 360HolyPlaces™ in 360°.


Ottoman era

In 1596, Qula was part of the Ottoman Empire, with a population of 380. It paid taxes on goats and beehives, and a press that was used for processing either olives or grapes.

British Mandate era

During the British mandate, the village expanded along the Ramle-Tulkarm highway. In the village center was the mosque.

1948 war and aftermath

A Jewish War Memorial, Givat Koach, now occupies the land where Qula once was. Most of the villagers fled in 1948, leaving only a few, primarily elderly behind. The villagers from Qula report that those left behind (six women and one man) were all shot or burned to death in their homes.

Visit the Qula Crusader Fortress in Virtual Reality 360° by clicking on the video below.

Panoramic Photography in 360 degree

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Qula Crusader Fortress

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