The Negev region is the largest region in Israel, covering more than half of the total area of ​​Israel. It is a fascinating place, and of great beauty not to be missed. It attracts many tourists every year to experience its desert and contains surprising places.

The Negev is delimited to the north not its main town which is Beer-Sheva and Eilat is located to the south at the level of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea.

Obviously, it is a place which is by its desert climate, unpopulated compared to the large agglomerations of the center of Israel. It has retained its charm and history. Indeed, according to the Bible Abraham would have fixed dwelling at Beer-Sheva, and it is also one of the places where all sorts of civilizations happened. Such as nomads, Philistines, Canaanites, Ottomans, Byzantines and of course the Hebrews. Today you can also cross Bedouins with their camels and many tourists by car or bus going either to the seaside resort of Eilat or to the many resources that abounds in this desert region of the Negev as the city of Arad, The mountains of Arava, Mitzpe Ramon, Sde-Boker, or the Park of Timna further south.

Many places in this area can be visited. See below.

Site name Old Testament Hellenistic New Testament Josephus Flavius Roman, Byzantine, Arabic Crusader Mamelukes, Turks
Horvat Anim *
Tel Arad *
Tel-Beer Sheva
Yeruham * *


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