Jericho / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic.


Quruntul (the top is 80 meters above sea level) is a corruption of quarantine (Greek for “40”), referring to the 40 days that Jesus
fasted before he was tempted by the devil. This place was filmed by the team of 360HolyPlaces™ for you in Virtual Reality 360°. In the same area we can found other places: Deir-HijlehMar-Jaris-St.-GeorgePrat-River-Wadi-Kelt or The-Good-Samaritan-Museum.
Since Jesus always stood with the poor and the sick, He fasted this period, as a sign of sympathy with lepers who were put in
quarantines for 40 days away from healthy people.
Mount of Temptation is located to the west of Tel as-Sultan. In the belt-shaped Greek Orthodox Monastery, which was acquired by the Greeks in1874 and built by Abbot Avrameos between 1892-1904, is the traditional grotto dedicated to the first temptation.The second temptation took place on the Pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem. On the top of the mountain, the third temptation is said to have taken place (Matt. 4:1-11)

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Monastery of the Temptation

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