Jezreel Valley / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Crusader, Mameluke, Turks.

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Situated 90 km from Jerusalem and 30 km from Haifa, Megiddo also known as Armageddon is situated in the Jezreel Valley of Israel. It’s one of the oldest places in the world. The named of Megiddo from the Book of Revelation is the setting for a future battle between the forces of evil and good. This place was already the site of epic battles. 25 different layers of civilizations were on this place. For you the team of 360HolyPlaces™ filmed this place in Virtual Reality.

The site was inhabited from 7000 to 500 BC. J.-C. The city of Megiddo was strategically located as it dominated the main trade and military routes linking Assyria, Byblos, Egypt and Arabia. The route between Egypt and Assyria is named in the Bible “Route of the Sea”, which will become an important artery of the Roman Empire, the Via Maris. The city was, in the Bronze Age, an important Canaanite city-state. It was the scene of many decisive battles. At least three are famous: Battle of Megiddo – between the Egyptian and a Canaanite coalition; Battle of Megiddo (600 BC) – King Josiah against Pharaoh Necho II; Battle of Megiddo (Early twentieth century) – between the English of the Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire.

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