In northern Israel, in the coastal city of Acre, close to Khan al-UmdanThe-Templars-Tunnel and the Church of St.Andreas, it is situated the Maronite House.

The Maronites are a community of Eastern Catholic Christians, who follow the precepts of the Holy See, that is to say, with the Pope of Rome. It should be noted that the descendants of Assyrians, Phoenicians and Mardaites are the largest Catholic community in the middle east and are in fact in the diaspora following the religious war that occurred in Lebanon. Maronite communities in Liban, Syria, Cyprus and Turkey. The Maronite name comes from the eponymous saint, Saint Maron (or Maroun) who lived in the city of Brad in Syria. In the 5th century it was there that the very first Maronite communities were created.

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Maronite House

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