Nazareth / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic.

 Situated in the north of Israel, in the city of Nazareth, not far from the Church of the Annunciation and the Basilica of the Annunciation, it is located the Maronite Church of the Annunciation. This place of pilgrimage was filmed for you by 360HolyPlaces™ in 360°.

The Maronite church of the Annunciation is the name given to a Maronite Catholic church in Nazareth. It is dedicated to the Annunciation and should not be confused with the Roman Catholic Church and the Coptic Church in the same city that it’s practically named with the same name. The Maronite Catholic community in Nazareth existed since 1620. In 1774, the church dedicated to Saint Anthony, which for many years was insufficient, was built. Today in Nazareth, there are about 1000 Maronites. A new church dedicated to the Annunciation was built at the beginning of the 21st century. The new church is a modern building that was built according to the latest architectural styles. The main dome is surmounted by a round dome. We also see a statue of Mary of Nazareth. The interior is decorated with numerous sculptures and paintings by Italian painters Tese and Lamagna.

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Maronite Church of the Annunciation

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