Shefela / Periods: Mameluke, Turks.

In Israel, south of Ben Gurion airport, in the old town of Lod. Nearby, in a market you will find all kinds of regional agricultural products. Also a hammam (hot tub), police station, tahini factory …

You can park in the lot west of Greek Orthodox Church of St.George, then walk to the location. In short, it is located right in the center of Lod. You can find also filmed in VR 360 the Pool of the Arches and Santa-Terra. Concerning Khan el-Khilu, we have the vestiges of the Mameluk period, it is a huge and splendid inn of the 19th century. It has a rather square shape, the site on the south wing side, has wide and wide walls, with two arches, with a hollow at the center that used to light a candle to illuminate the entrance. In the same south wing, Khan el Khilu rises on two floors. Concert the other wings of the buildings, we are only on a floor with rooms that overlooks the courtyard. Can be observed, feeders or feed animals at the time.

Archaeological excavation and site conservation work is consolidating and enhancing this unique structure.

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Khan el-Khilu

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