Judea is a mountainous region bounded on the north by Samaria, on the south by the Negev, on the west by the Jordan Valley and on the east by the Dead Sea.

The region of Judea covers this area in Israel from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. This region includes the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
This geographical area of Judea is divided into 3 parts:
The western region is that of Shefela; the Judean mountains in the center; the desert of Judea to the east that goes as far as the Dead Sea.
According to the Bible, Jude is a region of the “land of the Jews” the Greco-Roman equivalent of Judah. He was one of the twelve sons of Jacob and Lea. We have to know that Judah played a role in saving the life of his brother Joseph. Joseph’s brothers planned to leave Joseph in a pit with snakes to let him die, but fortunately Judah convinced his brothers to sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites rather than let him agonize in this hole.

Many places to visit in this region are present in the table below.

Site name Old Testament Hellenistic New Testament Josephus Flavius Roman, Byzantine, Arabic Crusader Mamelukes, Turks
Emmaus Nicopolis * *
Mamshit National Park * *
Paran Monastery (Haritun) *
Salesian of Don Bosco Monastery Beit Jamal * *


Judea 360 Holy places