The Jezreel Valley is a region located in northern Israel. It is a great plain with immense natural beauty and historical importance. This is an ideal place for adventure and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as pilgrims. It bears the name of an ancient city that stood here and means “God sows” perhaps referring to the fertile land in the valley. The valley of Jezreel is situated to the south of Lower Galilee, Samaria, to the west by Carmel and the country of Jordan to the east and Nazareth to the North. It corresponds to a strategic zone at the military and commercial level. Indeed, armies and travelers crossed this valley from Istanbul or Babylon to Egypt or the Arabian Peninsula along the Via Maris. Besides many ruins and archaeological discoveries this region.

According to the Bible, we learn that several fights took place here, the best known being the battle of Megiddo. The Bible names the valley as the place where the “battle of the end of the world” or Armageddon takes place.

This valley is famous for its countryside, forests, vegetation, and many places to visit. See below.

Site name Old Testament Hellenistic New Testament Josephus Flavius Roman, Byzantine, Arabic Crusader Mamelukes, Turks
Ancient Church (Migdal HaEmek) *
Church of the Transfiguration * *
Greek Orthodox Monastery Mount Tavor * * * * *
Megiddo * * *


Yizreel Valley 360 Holy places