Sea of Galilee / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic.

During the Hellenistic and Roman / Byzantine periods, the city of Hippos (Sussita) was originally a rather central city in the Golan region. At the height of more than 300 m of the Sea of Galilee, it is located on a mountain.These are impressive vestiges that have been revealed recently. There was a large number of holy places on this estate : there are eight churches. This confirms its importance for the Christian world. Unfortunately between 700 and 800 AD, the city was destroyed by an earthquake.

In northern Israel, east of Tiberias, in mountainous terrain, Horvat Susita is located between Hamat Gader and 5 Km from Kursi Park. To reach it you will have to borrow an old tarred road but a little damaged allowing you to reach a parking site near the site. The ancient city of large size, is surrounded by a long wall consisting of two openings: the west door and the east door. A road Decumanus Maximus crosses the city from east to west, it is the ancient Roman main road of the city. According to certain opinions and traditions, Hippos is also considered one of the possible places of the decisive meeting of Jesus with the Legion in reference to the miracle of the pigs.

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Horvat Susita (Hippos)

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