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In northern Israel, the site of Horvat Minnim filmed in Virtual Reality 360 ° is located on the northwest bank of the Sea of ​​Galilee in the rich valley of Ginosar. Next to other Holy Places as the Church of the Beatitudes.

In the second half of the ninth century, Horvat Minnim was discovered when pilgrims began to cross the geographical region of Palestine in search of biblical sites. Horvat Minnim was originally identified by scholars as Capernaum until the discovery of Capernaum further north and excavation of the main part of the Minnim site. Later, in the 9th century, excavations at Horvat Minnim began and continued for five years thanks to archaeologists from Germany. They revealed a square-shaped building with round corner towers and a semi-circular tower in the middle of each wall, except for the eastern wall with a very large, domed bridge. Outside, along the walls, the excavation discovered a mosque, a throne room and a group of five rooms with mosaic floors with geometric patterns. The large courtyard is very impressive, it has the unique form characteristic of the Umayyad palaces. An inscription found in a secondary use, which mentioned the name of the Umayyad caliph el-Walid dates from the palace and the mosque until the Umayyad period. The researchers also discovered a mosaic floor in the vaulted room on the west side, indicating the existence of official rooms as well as in the southern parts of the palace. Only a few segments of the soil were discovered. Horvat Minnim was built in the Umayyad period in a rich agricultural region and it was probably the palace of a princely landlord. It must certainly be linked to an existing bath house that no longer exists since the Byzantine period, about 200 meters to the northwest.

Visit now Horvat-Minim in 360° with the video that will make you discover the virtual reality on the holy places.

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Horvat Minim

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