Negev / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic.

In the center of the Yattir Forest, 20km south of Hebron, northeast of Tel Be’er Sheva and northwest of Tel-Arad, we arrive at Horvat Anim. It is the name of one of the hills at the height of 685 meters.

This site which represents the remains of a biblical and Talmudic village has been photographed and filmed by the team of 360Holyplaces in 360 degrees for you. It should be noted that 50 underground caves dug underground were found but only a few walls still stand. Around the ruins we see farming facilities, a place where wine and olive oil were once made, wells, fences, cattle cemetery, a fortress and right next door, the remains of a Roman / Byzantine synagogue. To reach it, it is recommended to park on the south side, inside the forest, to traverse the old farm facilities, and to arrive at the fortress and synagogue at the top of the hill.

To find out more and visit Horvat Anim in VR 360, click on the image below.

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Horvat Anim

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