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In Israel, in the north near the Church of The Transfiguration, on the northeast side of the top of Mount Tabor is a Holy Place, the Greek-Orthodox Monastery, St. Elias, named after Elijah the prophet. Mount Tabor is located 9 km east of Nazareth, at the northeast corner of the Yizrael Valley (Jezreel). It is a steep, round hill, visible from all over the region. This place was filmed by the team of 360HolyPlaces™ .

After crossing a path on one side by a stone wall and on the other side of many olive trees, you reach a large parking lot. The bell tower surmounted by a red dome is seen above the entrance closed. The entrance door of the bell tower is quite imposing, and black. We observe the symbol on the door and above the door is “TΦ” meaning ‘taphos’ or ‘Sepulcher’ – the Holy Sepulcher, it is the symbol of the Greek Orthodox Church. As well as Greek scriptures above “Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Abbey of the Savior’s Mount of Metamorphosis”.

You can visit this pilgrimage site in Virtual Reality  360° by clicking on the video below.

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Greek Orthodox Monastery Mount Tavor

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