Ein Kerem / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic.

Holy Places takes you to the old village of Ein Kerem to visit the monastery of Gorny.

The Gorny nuns Convent was established by the Russians in 1871 in Ein Kerem.
It is only when the Russian Orthodox Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem was formed, that the Russian experienced the Holy Land for the first time.
The Convent was also named Moskkubia once, inspired by the Russian capital, Moscow.

On the outer side of the gate is an inscription in Russian and Hebrew. The convent is named, according to the inscription, as the Women Gornenski convent. It was established in 1871 by the Archimandrite Antonin Kapustin.
However, the name means “mountainous” in Russian.

This beautiful monastery is located in the mountains, south and above the Catholic church of Visitation. You will recognize it to its specific structure with the 5 “onion style” golden domes. It is said that the construction started in 1905 and completed only in 2005. The styled cross above the golden dome is a symbol of the Russian Church.

There are 48 nuns in the monastery, leaded by the head sister and two priests which perform the prayer rituals. The nuns who operate the convent mend and clean the roads and surrounding gardens.

Surrounding the church are various structures that belong to the Nunnery: it consists effectively of two small churches and a big one; there is the sisters quarters, three cemeteries and a guesthouse for pilgrims who wish to stay in the Holy Land.

Eventually you will be authorised to visit the Convent but it is complicated since this special attack in 1983: a member of the Satan faction infiltrated the village and murdered two nuns. As a result, a high stone was built to honor their memory and no one was allowed to visit the monastery for many years.

Anyway, the visitors will be able to admire a dazzling panoramic view in this mythical location overlooking the village of Ein Kerem.
The team of 360HolyPlaces filmed this wonderful place in Virtual Reality for you and your viewing pleasure!

Discover the place in VR360 by clicking on the link below.

360 degree video

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Gorny monastery

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