Jerusalem / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Crusader.

Dormition Abbey

This abbey is named after an event known as the Feast of the Assumption that is believed to have taken place when Mary was taken up to heaven to end her earthly life. This place was filmed by the team of 360HolyPlaces™ for you in Virtual Reality 360° and other places of pilgrimage are in the same region: Cenacle Upper Room, Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu, Church-of-the-Assumption.The place is known for its holy simplicity and also beauty, built in a semicircular apse way, there is a mosaic of Mary and Jesus and below them are the figures of the twelve disciples. It is also the name of a Benedictine community in Jerusalem on Mt. Zion, just outside the walls of the Old City near the Zion Gate. Indeed, the church was the highest point in ancient Jerusalem on Mount Zion hill. Found around the church are built scenes chaplains that show how Mary and infant Jesus gave a warm welcome to the receiving the pilgrims and, the fig tree and also John the Baptist on the shore of Jordan River. With Mary very well known as the Daughter of Zion, she is closely related to the people of Mount Zion, and it is, therefore, fit that her sacred resting place is in the mountains of Zion.

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Dormition Abbey

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