The Dead Sea is not really a sea. It is more precisely a salt water lake with an area of ​​about 800 km2 and located in the Middle East. It is located between Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea contains more than 30% of salt contrary to the sea that contains only 5%! Because of its saturation in quantity of salt, the Dead Sea shelters no animal or vegetable life. The salt density of the Dead Sea is such that anyone who immerses himself will have no problem to float.

The geography of the Dead Sea is quite peculiar: shallow in the south, it reaches barely four meters while its depth is 400 meters to the north. It is just over 400m below sea level, making it the lowest place on earth. Unfortunately, because of its geographical exposure and the little rain in this region, the water level of the Sea keeps reducing. But fortunately, the river Jordan pours into it allowing more or less safeguard this fantastic place.

This place is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Desert landscapes, intense heat and odor of sulfur, it seems inhospitable but should not be relied upon, the waters of the Dead Sea and this climate are a source of well- being and benefits to the body.

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