Sea of Galilee / Periods: Old Testament.

In the north of Israel, in Tabgha, on the shore of Lake Kineret, southwest of the Church of Beatitude, is the church of the Primacy of St. Peter. It is a rather modest-sized church of Franciscan chapel style which in its interior incorporates part of an ancient church of the fourth century. This building commemorates the reinstatement of Peter after a fish lunch on the shore. Due to his emplacement and history,  The church of the Primacy of St. Peter is a famous and pleasant place for pilgrims. The team of HolyPlaces™  filmed this place of pilgrimage for you in 360°. It is also situated not far from the White Synagogue.


According to John, Jesus appeared to his disciples for the third time after his resurrection on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee. It must be known that the previous night, Peter and several disciples had sailed in a boat on the lake to fish for fish, but the fishing was really not good. However, the next morning a man appeared on the shore and told them to throw their net on the right side of their boat. Without reflection, they threw their net in the water on the side indicated, a miracle that produced. They caught so many fish that they could not bring the net back then abnormally loaded inside the boat. It was then that Peter recognized Jesus, and quickly jumped into the water outside the boat to go to the shore to meet him. The other disciples continued by boat, dragging the net in the water behind them. When they landed, Jesus had already prepared a charcoal fire to cook the fish and bring bread. They took a hearty breakfast together. It is believed that this took place on the Christi Christia, a large rock embedded within the chapel. After breakfast, Jesus restored Peter with the words “feed my sheep”. The church was named because of this event. Located directly on the lake, it is made of gray stone inside and outside with a modest tower in a corner. The team of 360HolyPlaces invites you to immersing directly by clicking on the images and video in 360 degree. The ruins of several walls of an ancient church can be seen inside. The modern chapel incorporates much of the stone on which Jesus served his disciples a fish breakfast after they landed.

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Church of the Primacy of St. Peter

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