Ein Kerem / Periods: New Testament, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Crusader, Mameluke, Turks.

This Holy Place honors the visitation that Mary the mother of Jesus made to Elizabeth who was the mother of John the Baptist. It is the said site where Mary is believed to have recited her song of praise. The church dedicated in every way to the Virgin Mary has its wall with Italianate frescoes depicting Archangel Gabriel announcing to Zachary who is shown next to the Jewish temple with the prophecy that he will have a son. The others wall of the church also carries messages and episodes that were experienced in the evolution from the wedding in the Cana of Galilee to the feast of our Lady of Rosary. Verses from the magnificent are well painted and displayed in the columns of the wall.  Located in Ein Karem a suburb of Jerusalem, this site of pilgrimage filmed in VR 360 is next to the Church of John the Baptist, the home of Zachary and Elizabeth. We can found not far the Church of Visitation. The main points of interest for pilgrims: the meeting between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. A the Church ion Saint John the batiste, crusaders built a two story church, and the franciscans bough its ruins in 1679, excavated the grounds in 1937 and erected a new church completed in 1955.

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Church of the Visitation

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