Acre / Periods: Crusader, Mameluke, Turks.

 Situated in the north of Israel in the coastal town of Acre, not far from Khan al-Umdan, the Ladies Church of Nazareth, and the Templar Tunnel, is the church of St. Andreas. It is named after St. Andrews, who was actually one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. The church was built in the ruins of an ancient church built during the Crusades. Around the 18th century, Oriental Orthodox Christians developed more and more in this city. It is a Greek Orthodox community that accepts the sovereignty of the Pope of Rome.  To find out more and visit the church of St. Andreas in VR 360 click on the video below.

During the period of the Crusades.
After the fall of Jerusalem, in the 12th century the Crusaders of the Order of Templars settled in the city of Acre. Next to their palace (“Templum”) they built the church of Santa Anna, named after the Mother of the Virgin Mary, who according to tradition came from Galilee (Sephhoris or Zippori National Park). The 12th century church was rebuilt and enlarged in the 13th century as a Gothic cathedral.
In 1291, the city was destroyed by the Mamluks, including most Crusader structures. Even the church was destroyed.
The Greek Catholic church separated from the Greek Orthodox Church in 1724. In 1765 the church was rebuilt on the ruins of the medieval church with the stones and ruins of the ancient church, making it difficult Today to identify the structure of the Crusaders. A sign near the gate near the entrance to the church shows the year of 1802, when the Greek Catholic Archbishopric was founded at the church.
The church of St. Andrews is open to the public and serves the Greek Catholic community Melkite. Its second floor is still in ruins, and the community intends to repair the rooms.

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