360HolyPlaces meet Visiotel in Indonesia

360HolyPlaces meets VISIOTEL in Indonesia

360HolyPlaces introduces in this new Blog, its partner for all the production: Visiotel.
Indeed, Visiotel has just released a new TV documentary series on Cultural Tourism. A series of 47 episodes on the beauties of Indonesia (Heritage Sites, Historic Monuments, Archaeological Sites, Sacred Sites, Architectural Buildings, Cultural Sites such as Museums, etc…).
Visiotel is a company specialized in Documentary films in 4K UltraHD throughout the world.
With this Blog, discover some beautiful videos of their catalog. Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Therefore, Visiotel explores its heritage from hundreds of cultures, from Indian, Chinese, Arab, and European influences. Visiotel offers 47 episodes of 26 minutes each, in 4K Ultra HD. Uncover this Archipelago of more than 17 000 islands and most of its cultural sites listed as world heritage.