Shefela / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Crusader.

Bethphage is the starting point for Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday memorial day.
The village of Bethpage is located between Bethany and the Mount of Olives in the holy city of Jerusalem. Bethpage is marked by the Bethpage Church which contains a stone traditionally identified as that used by Jesus to ride the donkey at the beginning of his procession in Jerusalem.
It was built in 1883 and rests on the ruins of a 12th century cross chapel. The chapel of the cross era itself was built on the foundations of a Byzantine shrine of the 4th century commemorating the meeting between Lazarus Martha’s sister and Jesus, after the death of Lazarus. A cube-shaped and plaster-covered stone was discovered in 1867, when a Franciscan monastery was built on the ground. This stone was named the Bethphage Stele and was an integral part of the 12th century Crusader Chapel. and is now near the north wall of the church. This place was filmed for you in VR-360 by the team of 360HolyPlaces©.

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