Jerusalem / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic.

Located near Jerusalem, in the village of Abu Gosh, this Benedictine monastery is one of the most beautiful remains of the Crusaders and one of the best preserved in Israel. It is a Gothic church built by the Hospitallers in 1140. In 1889, the French government acquires this magnificent monastery and the place under supervision of the French Benedictine Fathers, then it is the Vincentian Fathers who inherit it in 1956. Concerning the Church courtyard, it consists of beautiful gardens and the crypt of the church has powerful crossed walls, with a bubbling source flowing through it. And according to Christian tradition, the spring was the Kiryat Ye’arim Bible site. It is from here, according to the Bible, that King David carried the Holy Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. This place was filmed for you in VR-360 by the team of 360Holyplaces©.

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Benedictine Abbey Of Abu Ghosh

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