Nazareth / Periods: New Testament, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Crusader.

Mary’s Life

After the ritual presentation at the temple, Mary was brought to her house in Nazareth where she remained the time of her early youth, until she appears to us in the Gospel as the wife of Joseph. The Basilica of Annunciation remains in its foundations and in its dimensions the crusader basilica. It has an upper church and the crypt occupied by Judeo-Christian archaeological pieces, the first retaining the traditional house and the Byzantine church with the grotto of the Annunciation.

Basilica of Annunciation

The actual Basilica of Annunciation is the work of architect G. Muzio and was inaugurated in March 1969. On the facade bas-relief representing the Annunciation and horizontal friezes have biblical texts and liturgies evoking the mystery. It is situated not far from the Sisters of Nazareth Convent. These places were filmed by the team of 360HolyPlaces™ for you in Virtual Reality 360°.

Grotto of the Annunciation

It is part of the inner crypt of the Basilica. She has also been part of sacred buildings from the early centuries and constantly formed the northern aisle. Traditionally regarded as the Grotto of the Annunciation, it is actually part of the House, copy well conversed outside the Basilica on the north side. Under the altar, a marble star bears the Latin inscription “Here the Word was made Flesh”.

Inside the crypt

At the bottom of the crypt, are the traditional grotto and in the center the Byzantine nave and the modern altar. In the nave, in the Judeo-Christian baptistry (left of the altar) and in foundations, a huge amount of graffiti testify to an earlier worship in the IV century. Be noted in particular that one which contains the salvation: “Hail, Oh Mary” (in Greek).

The upper church

The central mosaic at the bottom represents the triumph of the Universal Church. On the sides, the representations of the Mystery, mosaic, murals and sculptures are the work of artists of different nationalities.

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Basilica of Annunciation

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