Jerusalem / Periods: Roman, Byzantine, Arabic.

Alexander Nevsky Church.

Alexander Nevsky Church is one of known place of pilgrimage filmed in Virtual Reality 360° by the team of 360HolyPlaces™. The famous sepulchre is from the Russian orthodox complex in Jerusalem.
Situated in the central market of the Old City of Jerusalem. The Russian church and inn are named for the 13th century hero and the national saint, who repelled the Swedish invasion in a battle in St. Petersburg and stopped the spread to the east of German Catholicism.
The site borders the Church of the Holy Sepulcher on the east side at the end of Via Dolorosa and was purchased in 1859 by the Russian consul in Jerusalem of the Coptic Church. This church contains an imposing archaeological remain which have been abandoned for a long time. The remains of construction made with very large stones were discovered. These are actually stones that the Herodians used in building the walls of the Temple Mount but the construction was stopped and the Russians who decided to build a hostel and consulate on the site.
Around 1860, archaeological excavations were carried out on the site and revealed exciting discoveries, the threshold of a door built in the ancient wall of Jerusalem. It would be the door through which Jesus left the city to be crucified on the Golgotha on the other side of the wall of the Alexander Nevsky church in the Holy Sepulcher.

Discover this place in virtual reality and live the immersion by clicking on the image in 360 degree of Alexander Nevsky Church.

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Alexander Nevsky Church (Via Dolorosa)

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