The town of Acre is located on the coast of Israel along the Mediterranean Sea, at the northern end of the Bay of Haifa. Its natural port, which is rather rare, occupies an important and strategic location, as it is located on the seafront, traditionally linking waterways and commercial activity to the Levant.

Acre is a very ancient city and is considered the holiest city of Baha’i Faith and, as such, receives many Baha’i pilgrims. In 2015, the population was 47,675. Acre is a mixed city, which includes Jews, Muslims, Christians and Baha’is.

It includes many places of pilgrimage such as Khan al-Umdan, The Templars Tunnel as well as many others that you can visit in 360° by clicking on the links below in the table.


Site name Old Testament Hellenistic New Testament Josephus Flavius Roman, Byzantine, Arabic Crusader Mamelukes, Turks
Al-Bahr Mosque *
Al-Basha Turkish Bath *
Church of St. Andreas * *
Khan al-Umdan * *
Maronite House *
Or Torah Synagogue *
St. George Church (Acre) * *
The Clock Tower *
The Templars Tunnel * * *
Treasures in the Walls Museum *
Zawayat el-Shadlia *


Acre 360 Holy places