Abu Gosh is a village renowned for its many restaurants and its famous hummus that is served, some do not disdain, after the culinary delights, make a brief cultural stop by visiting the religious sites. It was founded at least 6000 BC, around a source of water that abounds throughout the year, and on an axis that will become the pilgrim’s way to Jerusalem from the coast.

It is also called Kyriat Yearim in reference to the Bible. Indeed his story is marked by the presence of the Ark of the Covenant at the time of King David. It is here that the Christian memory of the Holy Land begins the “path of Emmaus” that will lead the two discouraged disciples to meet the Risen One. It is a land of encounter between different cultures: that it is the Romans, the Byzantines, or the caliphs of Baghdad and finally the Crusades, many are the vestiges that these populations and cultures left behind.

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